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Here’s How to Convert YouTube to MP3:

1. Go to YouTube, and copy the video URL

copy URL

Copy a video URL from YouTube.

YouTube MP3 Downloader

2. Go to YouTube Converter (YouTube-MP3-MP4), and paste the video URL.

youtube mp3 downloader

Paste the YouTube URL into the input box.

3. Convert file

youtube mp3 downloader

Select either MP3 or MP4, and press ‘Convert’ to start the conversion.

YouTube MP3 Downloader

4. Download the file

youtube converter

After the conversion is done, click on the icon/link to download the file.

YouTube MP3 Downloader

Top YouTube Converter Tool Online

This tool converts YT videos to MP3 and MP4 formats. youtube download mp3
Therefore, it supports all popular video format types like MP4, FLV, WMV, and more. download youtube mp3

Multiple Features and Rich Video Sources

Downloading your favorite audio/video to listen at a later time has never been easier.
YouTube-MP3-MP4 provides access to the hottest videos and music from 1000+ sites, all while eliminating software registration and installation fees that come with other streaming services.

youtube to mp3 download

Easy way to download YouTube videos with YouTube-MP3-MP4: FREE online YouTube Converter

Downloading MP3s from YouTube is easier than ever before. However, YouTube-MP3-MP4 allows you to convert YouTube videos into high-quality audio files that can be listened to offline, without an internet connection or Wi-Fi. download youtube to mp3
Therefore, the website supports PC, tablets as well as smartphones running iOS and Android devices like the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S8+. mp3 youtube download


Does YouTube-MP3-MP4 convert YT to MP3 for Free?

YouTube-MP3-MP4 is a FREE service that lets you convert YT to MP3 for everyone. Therefore, with YouTube-MP3-MP4, you can download any YT video without an account or registration required. The app offers simple and easy access with no ads or inactivity timers so there are never any limitations on how many videos can be converted at once and downloaded as MP3s.

What is the quality of YouTube MP3?

On the other hand, YouTube-MP3-MP4 supports downloading MP3/MP4. You can listen to YouTube music before converting them into a smaller file and taking it with you for later listening. This service is great, especially if you have a newer phone that doesn’t come equipped with the ability to play even regular mp3 files without having them converted first!

youtube download to mp3

Is it possible to download YouTube videos on a smartphone or tablet?

Subsequently, you can convert any YouTube video on all devices including PCs, smartphones, and tablets if you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or any other browser.
YouTube-MP3-MP4 also supports listening to music with the screen turned off on Android and iOS.

Is it necessary to install additional software to use YouTube-MP3-MP4?

YouTube-MP3-MP4 Converter is a tool developed for helping you download MP3 from YouTube without needing to install or have any additional software. Therefore, all you need is a stable connection and this website! Paste in your link, click on convert and then wait no longer than five seconds before downloading your video as an MP3/MP4 file!

Where are the downloaded files stored?

Downloading MP3 from YouTube is a simple task for most computer and smartphone operating systems. In addition, you can search for the file in your downloads folder or in the device’s library, depending on what OS you’re using.

youtube downloader mp3

How can I download YouTube from MP3 in my country?

In order to provide a better user experience, YouTube-MP3-MP4 supports converting YT MP3s into multiple languages. However, our app currently supports English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.